Milan’s Experience in EVS!




My name is Milan Gjapikj and I come from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

I had an idea to go on EVS project long time ago, and finally it happens! I think that to be a volunteer is very good because it opens new way in your life, and also help other people. I will be a volunteer 12 months in Stowarzyszenie “Ostoja” and I will work with people with disabilities. To be honest, at the beginning it was a little shock for me because I don`t have a big experience with this kind of work, but step by step I adapted on it. 🙂
When I arrived in Wroclaw, first of all was culture shock… I cannot speak with people, they didn’t understand me. I was expecting something different, but in next few days I adapted on the situation, and learned some polish words and I can say that Wroclaw is one beautiful city, people are so nice, and I am so happy that I am here and work on this project.
Best regards,

Our “Christmas”! ” )


Our unforgettable Christmas… Was on the night 24 to 25 (really?!) and it was AWESOME! ” )

We took our dinner in my flat (Madalena, from Portugal): Delicious home made polish Pierogui and also delicious vegetarian German food made by Clemens with lots of potato, chips, cake that Tata bring  for dessert and chocolates… and lots of guess what? Polish beer!!!! 😀

We share these Christmas with new friends… everyone from different countries:  Tata and Ruska from Georgia, Ceyda from Turkey, Clemens from Germany, Attila from Romania, Fidel from Bulgaria, Milan from Macedonia and me from Portugal.
We talked about our last Christmas and how much we will miss this one.

It was, once again, a good and memorable experience.

After our cozy and chill dinner, Pakito from Spain and his friends (also volunteers)  joined us with more drinks and more energy!

So, dear readers, you can imagine how happy and funny night it was.

I will write about our New Year’s Eve… ” )
And I take the opportunity to wish YOU an awesome 2013 with solutions for the problems that 2012 left in your life. Don’t forget that The World is Big and Life is Long. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take care. ” )


Stefanie’s Experience in Wroclaw!


Hello all of you  😉
I’m Stefanie and I’m from Suessen (Germany).

I will be in Wrocław for one year doing my EVS 🙂 I’m working at ZHP Wrocław. It’s about working in the office and making scout meetings. I decided to come here because I wanted to improve my polish and I also needed a break from school. So, EVS was a good decision.

I was really exited when I arrived in Wrocław. It is a very big city not like my little town, but I really love Wrocław. The people are very nice and Wrocław doesn’t give you the feeling that it is so big. 🙂
What can I say?
My flatmates are really nice and I’m looking forward to spend a good time with everyone.
Although you meet every time new people and it is always so much fun! 😉

I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve, because I heard it is so great at this time.

We’re ready to rock and roll 😛


Anja’s Experience in Wroclaw!


Hello everyone 🙂

My name is Anja Fischer and I am from Stuttgart, Germany.

For 9 months I will be living in Wroclaw and working as a volunteer for Semper Avanti in MLC. There are several reasons, why I came to Poland for the EVS. This year, I finished High School and didn’t want to start at the University immediately, for this reason, I thought the EVS is a great possibility to earn new experiences and to face new challenges. And MLC in Wroclaw is a good way  not only to get to know the city and Poland, but also the people living, working and learning there.

Arriving in Wroclaw, I was of course very excited and wondering, how living here will look like and how my work, flatmates and room will be like…But there was no reason to worry or to be nervous, as my flatmates were welcoming me very friendly and open – so my start was a very good one Of course then in the following days, I was given new informations non-stop and  therefore was very tired in the evenings. But as soon as my work in Lokietka 5 and Sektor 3 started, I got to know polish seniors and children and was very happy about this kind of work, where I am really in contact with people!

And Wroclaw is a city, I really fell in love with, I really enjoy the city, its cultural offers, buildings, people, cafés and “krasnale”….

And now, that autumn came, I start wondering about the following winter in Poland….but maybe it won’t be too hard for us 🙂

See you,


Domenico’s Experience in Wroclaw!

Hi all!

So what about me?? I’m Italian , my name is Domenico and I’m 21 years old.

I finished High school and I decided to travel all around the world, to discover new ways of life, new cultures , new landscapes, new people.  I decided to come here because I’ve been travelling in Poland before, and I completely felt in love with this wonderful land.

This is not my first EVS, In 2011 I’ve been working as a volunteer in Wien for one month. That was one the best experiences of my whole life.

Well, what about my project in this amazing city: I’m here for about 3 weeks and , belive me guys, I don’t regret at all my choice. The Project named Multi Cultural Language Cafe is just Amazing! Starting from workshops in the school, Tuesdays and Wednesday in the morning, where i Make presentations of my Beautiful country, about cities, sport, food, cultures I have been totally impressed by the will and the interests of Polish people concerning Italy. In Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we take part at some activities in Łokietka , we spend time with some children and organize some games to have fun all together On Fridays we usually meet at Semper Avanti office , and in afternoon I join the afterschool activities i Iskierka . At the moment I am waiting and looking forward to give Italian Lessons. Well, this is me and what I’m doing here. I just love this town, this citizens and place.

I really hope that this year lasts forever! 🙂


Madalena’s Experience in Wroclaw!

Hi there!!

My name is Madalena, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.

After finally finish high school, I decided to do Volunteering to discover new things, to make up my mind and get to know me better doing something productive not only for me but for others as well. I think is a very good way to improve our time, when we luckily have it.

I’m in Wroclaw for 6 months, since 3rd of September and it has been a very positive and personally enriching experience.

 I work as a Volunteer in Semper Avanti office and support the association when they needed me and, I’m also, the manager of our Facebook page, our Blog and our Site. I’m learning how to do it better!!
I’ve met the others volunteers, from Spain, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey and so on, and it’s been really nice!! It’s very interesting to see how similar we are tough we are from such different places.
 About this city… I like Wroclaw very much. It’s a city with so much life and soul that somehow makes us feel like Home. It’s beautiful. I gotta tell you that I don’t have ANY idea of HOW I will survive this winter with this cold cold cold weather!!! That’s the BIGGEST problem of Wroclaw. Which is not a problem in fact, is a good thing! I’ve never seen snow in my life so I think it will be great (but I will need a warmer always with me)!!! 😀
Well that’s it for now…

Kristiina’s Experience in Wroclaw!

Hi everyone! I am the Estonian girlKristiina. I am 22 years old and I`ve been in Wroclaw for 2 weeks now. I recently finished university and decided to take a break from the studies and do something totally different – become a volunteer.

So, here I am in this project called MLC – „Multicultural Language Cafe“ which is really exciting and I also work together with 3 volunteers from Spain, Germany and Italy. I gotta say – they are really nice people. So far I have done presentations about my country, in both primary school and high school. Also I have tasks, such as  teaching English to older people in Sektor 3 and starting in october I have to do the same in Mediateka. On Fridays I go to this sweet kindergarten, where I have to talk about healthy lifestyle and also make activities with children. For example I tought them how to dance Estonian dance called Kaerajaan. So as you can imagine, it was a lot of fun. Since I like children a lot, I am very happy, that I can also spend time with them on playgrounds and do activities, such as play volleyball, draw and so on.

And what about my thoughts on Wroclaw after being here 2 weeks? I have to say, I really like this city, it reminds me of one city in Estonia, called Tartu, because of the buildings and atmosphere, but of course Wroclaw is much bigger. Even our capital Tallinn is smaller than Wroclaw. Since in Estonia, we have only 1.34 million people and here you have more than 600 000 people, you could say that Wroclaw is basically half of the Estonia. So far I have visited the main centre many times and also Japanese garden and a fountain show. I was truly amazed how beautiful this city can be. Seems like almost everything looks really pretty in here.


So, overall, I am very happy that I decided to come here, after meeting lots of nice and friendly people and seeing the „magic of this place“ I can only hope that this 1 year here is going to be amazing!





Poland is just more than you expect…

Hello! I’m one of the latest EVS volunteers who came to Wrocław.
I’m here around 6 weeks and after that time I feel here as in my
hometown or even better.
I’m from Murcia as other volunteers so, I don’t need to talk about
that warm city.

My volunteering program is related to culture as i work in Mediateka,
a modern library not so far from the city centre.
My reason to choose Poland were some like improve my english, learn a
new language, to live in a colder place or, as Poland is in the middle
of Europe, to have the chance to visit lots of places around.
My usual work in Spain was totally different as I worked as a chef, so
this is a new opportunity to learn something new.
I invite you to visit Mediateka even if you are a foreigner. We have
books in other languages, not only in polish.

Dani Gaona.

MLC Topic: Religion Part II

Lutherans in Wroclaw

There exist a stereotype of religion in Poland that more than 90% of Poles are Catholics, another’s – belong a variety of other religious denominations (Lutherans, Baptists, Orthodox and Seventh-day Adventists etc.) and other religions (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism) or are non-believers. In my country are three dominated Christian denominations – Lutherans, Orthodox and Catholics. And when I arrived in Wroclaw, I tried to find out something about “real” situation here and I found several different Catholic churches and even one Lutheran Church! 🙂 I was a little surprised, because knowing that Wroclaw is located so close to Germany, I thought that here will be more than one Lutheran church. That’s why I got down for small study about Lutheran churches. And I have results! 🙂

Wroclaw is centre of The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland on of Dioceses. In Wroclaw diocese are 7 churches, 15 parishes (one of parishes is for people who speaks in German language (more information here and here)) where serves 17 priests. Bishop of the diocese is Ryszard Bogusz. Lutherans are the largest Protestant body in Poland, the first Worship services and sermons were held in 1518 in Wroclaw area (in the city of Breslau) and since then Lutheranism was spread into the Polish lands. Nowadays as in all world church has several problems, but this time about positive! 🙂 One interesting fact – in 12 October 2008, Polish president Lech Kaczyński (himself of the Catholic faith) visited the Lutheran Protestant Jesus Church in Cieszyn, becoming the first Polish president who ever visited a Protestant place of worship. 🙂

But now about this one church I visited! It’s located in centre of the city, on Kazimierza Wielkiego street No. 29 (so on my way to Mediateka!). Its church of one Lutheran parish in Wroclaw – Parafia Ewangelicko-Augsburska (Luterańska) Opatrzności Bożej we Wrocławiu, so the church of Divine Providence (direct translation) – Kościół Opatrzności Bożej

I think it beautiful! So full of light and peace! 🙂 Of course Wikipedia has more information: The church was built in 1750 according to the plans of Arnold and Johann Friedrich Boumann, so it’s late Baroque church, its 30 m long and 17.5 meters wide, oriented in a north-south axis. Interesting that church is built on an oval plan with two floors, decorated in creamy white colour with gold. The church has a number of Rococo ornamentation too. In history is a fact that this church was a royal palace from 1750 to Breslau residence of King of Prussia, Frederick II the Great. But now it’s the seat of the bishop of the diocese of Wroclaw Lutheran Church, but it’s not the cathedral.

I recommend you to find time to visit it some day. It’s opened on Sundays for service (service starts at 10:00) and from July 29 in the church will be held organ concerts, so check the poster here!

For more information look:

  • Kościół Opatrzności Bożej – here and here;

  • Lutheran Diocese in Wroclaw – here and here;

  • Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland – here.

Ilze “)

MLC Topic: Religion Part I

Hello everybody! Wellcome to a Cultural week topic in “MLC” which is about Church and Religions in Wrocław; we will check all over these weeks about religious traditions, meals and so on in this city.

First of all I need to tell you about the different Religions practiced in this city, the main one of course is the Roman Catholic, but there are also Jewish, Greek Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

Around 80% people in Poland are Believers, mostly Catholic, but nowadays less and less people go to the churches, because they mainly disagree with some methods of the Church or they just don’t feel like they want to be traditional. Still a high percentage but the 5th in Europe.

A part of “Stare miasto” (Old town) were a Synagogue a Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic church and an Eastern Orthodox church stand near each other. Other Protestant churches are also existent in Wroclaw and include: Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Adventist and Free Christians.

However today we will share some knowledge about an old one (XII century), “The Church of Our Lady on Sand” at the street Świętej Jadwigi.

First impression when you enter is a fresh air combinated with a peaceful sempsation… the lights even being warm and soft doesn’t annoy your view, even though you get a deep feeling of goodness.

It is a yellow-red lighted atmosphere with a beautiful scene in the main part of the church.

There are several things to notice inside, chapels and such, but a very special one to your right is the deaf & blind chapel for disabled people, everyone is wellcome to The House of Lord.

Outside you can find the Tran rails next to the road, and down to your left as you exit from the church you have a monument in a small courtyard, a nice one, try to find out about it 😉

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It is just next to the islands in Wroclaw’s downtown, the islet of Piasek took its name after the church from this place which patroness was Saint Mary on Sand. The Latin name Sancta Maria in Arena is connected with a Roman church built on the site of an earlier circus. In the Middle Ages the Polish version of the name came into use. In 1149 a monastery of Canons Regular, here also called Augustinians, was established here. Equipped by its generous founders, the monastery was one of the wealthiest in Wrocław. The original temple was erected here before 1148 on the initiative of Maria Włostowicowa and her son Świętosław. The brick Gothic church started to be constructed in 1334. The new monastery was built in stages between 1709 and 1802 on the site of the mediaeval one. Unfortunately, already in 1810 the Prussian authorities took the monastery after the secularization process. It then housed a library and museums and in 1945 – the Festung Breslau headquarters. The monastery was restored in 1946-1948. Today it houses the University Library.

There’s a mechanised “szopka” (Nativity scene) in the first chapel to the right; you can make a small donation when one of the assistants turns it on.
Just a Curious thing is normally next to the church you can find a place to buy a nativity scene for Christmas for a fair price… 🙂

You can find a bit more of info here:

Álvaro de Prado Sanz. (Murcia, Spain)