Hello everybody! 🙂

I’m Barış I came from İzmir, TURKEY

First of all, a few years ago I was interested Poland. Now I’m so happy to be here. When I graduate the highschool, suddenly I went to universty and than I broke up the my chapter finally I came here.
As you know, our EVS project name is ‘MULTICULTURAL LANGUAGE CAFE’. I and the other member of MLC work with children. We make presantation of country , human rights.
When it comes to Poland I say a lot of things. Why I’m interested in Poland? Because,  there are so many heritages in here. Also I study Tourism Guidance, because of this I selected this country. I’m able to find a lot of story about First and Second War.

About our workshop, I’ve been here two months but I get used to here.Generally speaking,Image  sometimes we go to out of the Wroclaw. Although students are very shy Imagesometimes, those students, are very interested in our counrty. Also we have activity in kindergarten. When we are in the kindergarten we play some games, helping their homework, speaking about Poland and the other country etc..

Shortly, I like this country also Polish people. I will stay ten months, I know, I will have good time here. 🙂

(If you want to find a lot of information about Wroclaw,Poland you can click this link)


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