Our unforgettable Christmas… Was on the night 24 to 25 (really?!) and it was AWESOME! ” )

We took our dinner in my flat (Madalena, from Portugal): Delicious home made polish Pierogui and also delicious vegetarian German food made by Clemens with lots of potato, chips, cake that Tata bring  for dessert and chocolates… and lots of guess what? Polish beer!!!! 😀

We share these Christmas with new friends… everyone from different countries:  Tata and Ruska from Georgia, Ceyda from Turkey, Clemens from Germany, Attila from Romania, Fidel from Bulgaria, Milan from Macedonia and me from Portugal.
We talked about our last Christmas and how much we will miss this one.

It was, once again, a good and memorable experience.

After our cozy and chill dinner, Pakito from Spain and his friends (also volunteers)  joined us with more drinks and more energy!

So, dear readers, you can imagine how happy and funny night it was.

I will write about our New Year’s Eve… ” )
And I take the opportunity to wish YOU an awesome 2013 with solutions for the problems that 2012 left in your life. Don’t forget that The World is Big and Life is Long. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take care. ” )



About Multicultural Language Cafe

Multilingual Language Cafe - EVS projects in Semper Avanti. 6 volunteers from different European countries come to Wrocław for 9 months to work with kids, teenagers and seniors in Lower Silesia district. Volunteer's main tasks are Human Rights and Global Education workshops, activities for people in different age groups, Language cafe in Mediateka - language conversations, activities in Sektor 3, and other partner institutions.

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