Hi all!

So what about me?? I’m Italian , my name is Domenico and I’m 21 years old.

I finished High school and I decided to travel all around the world, to discover new ways of life, new cultures , new landscapes, new people.  I decided to come here because I’ve been travelling in Poland before, and I completely felt in love with this wonderful land.

This is not my first EVS, In 2011 I’ve been working as a volunteer in Wien for one month. That was one the best experiences of my whole life.

Well, what about my project in this amazing city: I’m here for about 3 weeks and , belive me guys, I don’t regret at all my choice. The Project named Multi Cultural Language Cafe is just Amazing! Starting from workshops in the school, Tuesdays and Wednesday in the morning, where i Make presentations of my Beautiful country, about cities, sport, food, cultures I have been totally impressed by the will and the interests of Polish people concerning Italy. In Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we take part at some activities in Łokietka , we spend time with some children and organize some games to have fun all together On Fridays we usually meet at Semper Avanti office , and in afternoon I join the afterschool activities i Iskierka . At the moment I am waiting and looking forward to give Italian Lessons. Well, this is me and what I’m doing here. I just love this town, this citizens and place.

I really hope that this year lasts forever! 🙂



About Multicultural Language Cafe

Multilingual Language Cafe - EVS projects in Semper Avanti. 6 volunteers from different European countries come to Wrocław for 9 months to work with kids, teenagers and seniors in Lower Silesia district. Volunteer's main tasks are Human Rights and Global Education workshops, activities for people in different age groups, Language cafe in Mediateka - language conversations, activities in Sektor 3, and other partner institutions.

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