On arrival trainning Warszawa

It was in September,but never is late, for writting about good memories and experiences

One month and half after has arrived here I went to ‘On arrival trainning’ for people who is doing EVS in Poland

I went with Ricardo and Nadia, they are also volunteers from Semper Avanti, but doing their EVS in Mediateka

Our group was formed for 22 volunteers and 2 trainners, Marta and Wojtek

The fact that our group was so big was so good because there were more people who meet and who talk about the first days in Poland , in our project, our tired travel form our countries.

In short, we have a opportunity to share with persons in our same situation, propects, fears…

We toke the train at 05,00 am in Wrocław, 7 hours later we were in Warszawa. Thanks to Nadia who speaks polish get to sport center and hostel where was the trainning.

After we had lunch we started the trainnig with a meeting where we did the first presentation, we went to Chopin Piano Concert in one really beautiful park was perfect, the weather was so sunny.

We had lucky because this week the weather there was warm and

On Monday morning, we continued the hard work that its learn 23 names with some icebreaks for this.

After we draw a plane the our project and life in Poland, we have to show everybody in small groups that change every 15 minutes. In the afternoon, we are talking and discussing about how improve our EVS. In my opinion, the most interested topic was ‘How to work with children?’ It was so interesting because Maria, who has done a Leonardo, said us, that it so important in the beggins doing easy activities because, the language barrier its so hard, we can reel frustated.

On Tuesday, we were to city center, in small groups, we discoverd differents parts of Warszawa, I was so interested about history so I chose the topic History of Poland

We had a tasty and polish dinner, we are sorprised with a traditional dance and also my first dessert in Poland We enjoy so much with this present.

In the morning we did our own guide for visit the most interesting places for us and on Wednesday we showed our mates, our photos and made a video. In the afternoon we played different situation can be possible our EVS, was really funny and with lots of laughs, and of course useful.

Unfortauntly our last night arrived, we went out and had fun so much!

Thank you for this wonderfull week, the weather, the food, the accomodation, the trainners and the people were perfect!!

Someour friends from their Trainning coming to Wroclaw in 2 weeks, and we are so excited we will show them the best of our polish city. I would like to visit all people who I met(maybe we will celebrate Christmas togheter in Wrocław) and I hope meet with them in the next trainning in Torun.


About Multicultural Language Cafe

Multilingual Language Cafe - EVS projects in Semper Avanti. 6 volunteers from different European countries come to Wrocław for 9 months to work with kids, teenagers and seniors in Lower Silesia district. Volunteer's main tasks are Human Rights and Global Education workshops, activities for people in different age groups, Language cafe in Mediateka - language conversations, activities in Sektor 3, and other partner institutions.

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