I am Francesco, 21-year-old; I am one of the six volunteers of the Multicultural Language Café 2011-12 EVS project.

I am from Bari, a unique city in Southern Italy. I left it after a sleepless night rushing to prepare all my luggage, and since that day, I’m here in Wrocław, or rather somewhere in the ex-Warsaw Pact area. I say so, because in my free time I am always travelling in this area. So far I’ve gone to the Ślęża mountain, Berlin, L’viv, three times to Warszawa, Vilnius, Praha, Dresden, Poznań. Below it’s me in full travel gear, on the famous Karlův Most in Praha, Czech Republic.

Me on Karlův Most, Praha

My project is diverse. I teach Italian language for beginners at Mediateka ( http://www.mediateka.biblioteka.wroc.pl/?go=language_cafe ). This is a very interesting project for me, since I adore human languages, and I get the chance to share back my language competences. I say so, because so far I have asked so often for help in Polish 🙂

Once a week, I also go to Cekiron, where I have sport and physical game activities with kids from the elementary school there. Also once a week, I go to a family house with Mariya from Belarus, where we have activites and discussions with the teenagers living there.

But this is not all. Twice a week we all go to schools in Dolnośląskie (our województwo), where we have our presentations about human rights. It’s a challenging project, since mostly the pupils are not interested in this topic, they are passive, and they don’t speak English.

Two months and half have already passed. It has all been so fast, intense and interesting. But as everything ends, I’m looking forward to share and take the most from this experience.


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