Hi everybody and welcome to our blog

I am Patricia, I am doing my European Voluntary Service in Wrocław.

Since 5th of August, I have taken part in the project ‘Multicultural Language Cafe’

I am from Spain, but last year, I lived in Portugal, so I prepare workshops about both countries.

With me also partipate in this project people from Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia and Belarus.


Our project have many differents activites, working in kindergarten, with seniors, teaching language, workshops about Human Right, also about our contries.


In August, we had a trainning and workshops about how to work with kids and seniors, about how to make a presentation about Human Right at Semper Avanti Office.


Today, was a important day for me, because, I went for first time to Kindergarten, I had a meeting with Director and meet children who will stay. They are 5 years old and 6. Every Wednesday, I am going there, I am doing(games, songs, teach few words) about Spanish Culture.

On Monday I was in Sektor 3, there I will work with Senior, I was really surprise because they are so energyc and dynamic persons, also I am preparing a presentation about Spain, specially about ‘The road to Santiago’, and maybe I will show how to prepare one typical dishes.

For other hand, I am creating a workshop about Human Right, put on the focus, in Refuge people, with Olga( a russian girl) for show in Gynasium.

In Gynausium, I will do a presentation about Portugal, I will talk overcoat about Harry Potter and its conection with this country and also about Tradicions at Portuguese Universties.

On Tuesday at 18,00pm I will teach Spanish or/and Portuguese in Mediateka(so close Opera) See you there, and interested and funny conversation lessons are waiting for you!



Promise I will write again soon 🙂



About Multicultural Language Cafe

Multilingual Language Cafe - EVS projects in Semper Avanti. 6 volunteers from different European countries come to Wrocław for 9 months to work with kids, teenagers and seniors in Lower Silesia district. Volunteer's main tasks are Human Rights and Global Education workshops, activities for people in different age groups, Language cafe in Mediateka - language conversations, activities in Sektor 3, and other partner institutions.

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